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West Bank security guard shot dead by Palestinian assailants

Palestinian assailants fired and kill a security guard Friday night at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, according to Israeli doctors.

The Israeli army said on Saturday morning that the assailants arrived at the entrance to the Ariel settlement and shot dead the guard at his post. The soldiers then pursued the assailants into the West Bank.

Friday’s attack is just the latest in several Palestinian killings in Israel and the west bank over the past two months that have left 14 Israelis dead.


The Hamas terror group hailed the fatal shooting but did not claim responsibility.

“The operation proves that the revolution is raging throughout the West Bank,” said spokesman Hazem Qassem. “This is a practical implementation of our people’s declaration that Jerusalem is a red line.”

In a separate incident, Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian man early Saturday during clashes in the village of Azoun near the town of Qalqilya, the Palestinian health ministry said.

Tensions arose between Israelis and Palestinians this month at a place of worship in Jerusalem, where Palestinian worshipers had a daily clash with Israeli police.

Earlier Friday at the holy site, Palestinians threw stones and Israeli police fired rubber bullets.

Police say Palestinians inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound began throwing rocks and fireworks at a heavily guarded gate leading to the Western Wall, a holy site where Jews can pray . The police then entered the compound and fired rubber bullets.

The clash ended about an hour later when other Palestinians in the compound convinced both sides to stop their attacks. More than 40 people were injured, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service. Israeli police said three people were arrested.

The Associated Press contributed to this report