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Want Airtel Payments Bank service on WhatsApp, just message this number

technical information office Airtel Payments Bank offers many facilities to its online customers even on the most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. Like other banks, to get Airtel Payments Bank you must have an account with Airtel Payments Bank and this account must be linked to WhatsApp. Turning now to the services provided by this bank through WhatsApp, let us tell you that Airtel Payments Bank allows you to recharge mobiles, pay bills, buy gift cards and gold, apply for loans and much more. allow. For your information, let us tell you that Airtel Payments Bank does not charge any fees for using WhatsApp banking services. If you have also created your Airtel Payments Bank account, you can also enjoy the services by connecting it to WhatsApp. Let’s know the whole process.

First of all, to start Airtel Payments Bank services on WhatsApp, you need to sign up for Airtel Payments Bank on your WhatsApp. For this, all you have to do is save Airtel Payments Bank business account number 880068806 in your phone and then send a message “Hi” on WhatsApp to this number. You will receive a message asking you to accept the terms and conditions. Here you have to accept and move on. To accept, the message will have an option of yes, you need to tap on it. As soon as you accept the terms and conditions, a page of different banking services will open in front of you. Here, whatever service you want to start on WhatsApp, send the number written in front of that service. Thus, you must now provide more details according to the services. Select the following options, seeing the service you want to use.