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Sources – NBC New York

A customer so enraged at bank staff at a Chase location in Manhattan that he slashed a private security guard when asked to leave has been arrested, two senior NYPD officials familiar with the incident said on Saturday. ‘affair.

The guard, who was lacerated in the neck Friday at the Upper East Side branch on 86th Street around 9 a.m., was taken to hospital in serious condition but could recover, authorities said. He has since received stitches and stabilized, officials said.

According to the preliminary investigation, the attacker first showed up at the bank before it opened and asked to enter. It’s unclear exactly when it happened, but the security guard was there and told him to come back when it opened at 9 a.m., officials and sources said.

The man reportedly became furious when he saw people – staff he mistook for customers – being allowed into the bank when he had to wait outside, officials said. law enforcement.

He left and returned at the opening to meet bank staff, officials said. It was unclear whether he spoke to a cashier or someone with member services, but officials say the man was told what he wanted to do couldn’t be done in that branch and should instead call a 1-800 number for assistance. .

It was then that the man allegedly started to get angry, according to police sources, and the manager told him to leave. The security guard was escorting him out of the facility when he was attacked, they added.

Footage posted to the Citizen app showed a strong response from law enforcement at the scene. Several responders were seen working on the victim as they wheeled his stretcher into the ambulance. The victim would have been operated on Friday at the end of the morning.

Jorge Santiago was arrested just after midnight Saturday on charges of attempted murder and weapons, according to the two senior police officials. He had two knives in his possession at the time, but investigators say each will need to be analyzed before it can be determined whether one was used in the attack on the guard.

Information about Santiago’s lawyer was not immediately known Saturday morning.

Chase Bank said in a statement that its thoughts are with the injured guard and his family. The bank also said it was cooperating with the NYPD in the investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

A security guard was stabbed in the neck inside a Chase Bank on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the NYPD reported Friday. Chopper 4 was above the stage.