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Parliament approves $ 200 million loan from World Bank to fight pandemic

Ghana Parliament House

• Parliament approved a request for a loan of US $ 200 million by the government to help it fight the coronavirus pandemic

• Ghana to spend US $ 137.15 million to purchase COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate 7.6 million people

• Ghana plans to vaccinate 20 million of its population by the end of 2021

Parliament has approved a government loan request to the World Bank to allocate an additional $ 200 million to help it fight the coronavirus pandemic, Joy News reported.

According to details of a report from the House Finance Committee, the government will spend $ 137.15 million of the total allocation to purchase COVID-19 vaccines intended to inoculate 7.6 million of the Ghanaian population.

“The committee has been informed that each dose of vaccine is estimated at US $ 10.55,” parts of the committee’s report read.

“This funding would improve access to affordable and equitable COVID-19 vaccines, strengthen the effective deployment system and improve preparedness and response to Ghana’s strategic COVID-19 preparedness and response program. “, he added.

The loan facility, the Committee’s report explained, is in addition to loans of US $ 100 million and US $ 130 million taken out from the World Bank in 2020.

“These are loans of US $ 100 million and US $ 130 million taken from the World Bank for COVID-19 1 and 2 emergency preparedness plans in 2020,” the report said.

Meanwhile, the Finance Committee report added that parts of the loans will go to social and health interventions primarily on the treatment of COVID-19 cases, contracting a tracing regime, among others.

In addition, part of the World Bank loan will also be used to support vulnerable groups in society.