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Krebs: Scammers Sent Uber To Take Elderly Lady To Bank – Security

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… Hardaway said his mother called the phone number listed in the fake email from BestBuy, and the scammers told her she owed $160 for the installation, which seemed just then. Then the crooks asked him to install remote administration software on his computer so that they could control the machine remotely and help him make the payment. After logging into her bank and savings accounts with scammers staring at her screen, the phone fraudster claimed that instead of withdrawing $160 from her account, they accidentally transferred $160,000 on his account. They said they needed his help to make sure the money was ‘returned’. “They took over his screen and said they accidentally transferred $160,000 into his account,” Hardaway said. “The person on the phone told him that he was going to lose his job because of this transfer error, that he did not know what to do. So they sent him information on where to transfer the money and asked him to go to the bank. But she told them, “I don’t drive,” and they told her, “No problem, we’re sending an Uber to come and help you at the bank.” Hardaway said he was out of town when all this happened and luckily his mother eventually got pissed off and gave up helping the scammers. “They told her they were sending an Uber to pick her up and he was on his way,” Hardaway said. “I don’t know if the Uber ever got there. But my mom went to the neighbor’s and they saw it for what it was: a scam. Hardaway said he has since wiped his computer, reinstalled the operating system and changed his passwords. But he says the incident left his mother shaken. … The abuse of ride-sharing services to rip off the elderly is not entirely new. Authorities in Tampa, Florida say they are investigating a December 2021 incident where fraudsters who stole $700,000 from elderly grandparents used Uber rides to retrieve wads of cash from their victims.

For some reason it made me think of this quote from Army of Darkness –”