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Government RO approves but does not recommend moratorium on bank loans

The moratorium on bank loans, for bank debtors facing financial problems due to the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, was promulgated by the Romanian government on June 29. Those who face a 25% increase in expenses have the right to request the moratorium, which allows for the deferral of payments.

Finance Minister Adrian Câciu, however, advised debtors who can pay their installments not to use the instrument because they will end up paying more.

“It is an instrument available to those who really have difficulties because, obviously, any postponement of installments will entail the obligation to pay these installments later and with a series of costs with them, respectively the corresponding interest”, has Caciu said. , quoted by

The moratorium was also approved by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) but also by the Romanian Association of Banks (ARB).

It is a tool for people in difficulty, both natural and legal persons, explained Minister Câciu.

He described some of the alternatives available to clients: switch to a fixed interest rate, switch from one benchmark to another (from ROBOR to IRCC) or refinance the loan, reschedule or restructure the loan.

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