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Bank service fees: These 7 services provided by the bank are not offered free of charge. Their money is taken out of your pocket.| Personal finance news

New Delhi: Everyone uses the banking service. Both online and offline facilities are available. Be it Transaction SMS, IMPS Funds Transfer, Check Clearing, ATM Withdrawal Facility or Check Clearing, none of these facilities are completely free. For all services are subject to a charge by the bank. Let We will tell you about the 7 money services that are collected from your wallet.

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Cash transaction

Although banks offer the possibility of carrying out cash transactions, this is only possible up to a certain limit. If cash transactions exceed this limit, a fee will be charged. These banks may have different fees depending on their rules. Usually this can be as low as 20-100 rupees in a government bank.

The minimum balance

The bank account balance must not exceed a certain amount. If you have less than the amount you need, you must pay a minimum account balance fee. For example, an HDFC account must have a minimum balance greater than 10000 BankYou will be charged if the amount is less than that. There is a minimum balance limit in all banks. However, there are different fees.

IMPS fees

While banks have made RTGS and NEFT transactions available to customers for free, many banks still charge for IMPS transactions. These fees can vary from Rs 1 to Rs 25.


If your check is more than Rs If you spend more than 1 lakh, you will not be charged any fees at the bank. However, customs clearance fees apply. This charge is 150 rupees. On the other hand, checks are not provided free of charge by SBI for savings accounts. Additional checks will cost you more.

ATM transaction

You can withdraw cash from ATMs for free for a limited time. Bank A may charge additional fees if the transaction exceeds the number indicated. The amount charged by each bank is unique. Most banks can charge up to Rs This is a price range of 20 to 50


When money is credited or deducted from your account, your bank will send you an alert message. Banks You may also be charged for this. But because it’s so inexpensive, most people don’t know about it. It is around Rs 5 per month in Axis Bank and Rs 15 for each quarter in ICICI. Thus, banks may have different fees.

Card Replacement

If You will be charged a fee if you have lost your debit or credit card. These fees can vary from Rs 50 to Rs 500. Each bank will charge different fees.